mv Brianna
IMO no : 9459369
Flag : Marshall Islands
blt 4/2009 at nanjing dongze shipyar, china
DWAT: 32.778 mts on 10,15 mtrs ssw tpc 46.0
LOA: 179,90 mtrs / beam : 28,40 mtrs
GRT 20,748 / NRT 11,689
5 holds / 5 ha
a60 steel bulkhead fitted.
grain bale 1.523.030,5 cubft 1.446.879,3 cubft
holds 2 and 3 and 4 are box shaped.
vessel's holds are electric ventilated, with 6 full
air changes per hour
4 cranes of swl 30 t each
cranes capable of use in grab operation. when cranes on grab or on skip/bucket duty maximum gross lifting limited to 24mt (ttl weight of grab or skip/bucket and cargo). 
no more than 1 ship's crane to be worked simultaneously at a hatch. owners will not supply crane men from crew.
vessel's cranes designed and class approved to operate within the designated capacities/parameters(for further details refer to makers' instruction manual) only in a harbour or sheltered waters environment with no 
significant movement of the ship due to wave action, nor any relative movement between crane/grab and cargo if loading/discharging into/from barges, transhipment or similar environmental conditions to be less than beaufort force 2 , sea state 1. 
ambient temperature inside and on surfance of cranes towers for cranes operation: -10degrees c to +40degrees c
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