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Our Company is pleased to offer you the following services: technical and personnel management of vessels engaged in the carriage of goods, both on the river, and on maritime trade routes in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.
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We firmly beleive that most valuable resource is our staff.
Investment in education and training of specialists are strongly required for our company.  Judging by our expirience we can tell thatcandidate cant' be defined as eligible only on the ground of testing and attestation. Personal impression is necessary term for definition of the level of suitability of the candidate to work status.
Transyug Shipping Company can offer a wide range of posibilities to start a careers. Being our co-worker can give you an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Together we can build a company we would be pride of.
Take an initiative in your hands and find suitable for you vacancies. We impatiently waiting for your resume.


Transyug Shipping Company is an authorized company to provide intermediary services in employment for ukrainian and foreign citizens. Main activity of the company consist in recruitment of seamen for the vessels under exclusive Conract with Shipowner (Malta).

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